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“Mina Al Arab” hosts “RAK EATS”



A food festival of local SME startups.

RAK Properties proudly sponsors the “RAK EATS” initiative organised by RAK SME for the period between the 14th and 23th of December at its Mina Al Arab, Lagoon Walk.

The fair incorporates RAK SME members and owners of the enterprises specialised in restaurant and food. “RAK EATS” enables young locals to launch their food concepts. A variety of live music performances will set the ambiance of the event, live cooking by Emarati Chiefs Khaled Houria and Chief Mohamed El Mola and plenty of children’s entertainment activities.
Mr Mohammed Sultan Al Qadi, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer of RAK Properties, said: “We support all the enterprises of the youth. We seek to activate the role of social services such as RAK SME and are pleased to be partners of the national establishments which pays special interest towards empowering local entrepreneurs.
Mina Al arab, lagoon offers unique dining and cafes for visitors to enjoy walks and jogs across its long stretch of the marina walkways and has outdoor seating for dinners wishing to enjoy the sea views.
Mr. Youssef Ismail, Head of the Supreme Committee of RAK SME, said: “The Foundation aims at empowering small and medium-sized enterprises in all commercial fields, and contributes to support the local and regional enterprises of youth and develop their initiatives to achieve the required competitiveness.”
RAK SME is one of the main pillars for promoting economic growth by contributing to the preparation of a generation capable of coping with the economic changes and sustainable growth. RAK SME seeks to attract more young citizens with ideas, and help them to turn their ideas into projects. Youssef Ismail encourages visitors and residents to come and try the new taste concepts and enjoy RAK EATS.