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RAK Properties announces new developments on Hayat Island



RAK Properties is pleased to announce the launch of Hayat Island. Built by one of the foremost property development companies, Hayat Island, spread over 6 million square feet will be a fully-integrated, mixed-use development. Boasting innovative zones, each with its own unique character, the island is set to be the next attractive destination.

Built with over 40,000 square metres of open space and landscaped areas, which represents 66 per cent of the overall area, Hayat Island presents a beautiful room to breathe, with 23,925 square metres of adventure playgrounds and playscapes.

Meticulously planned to offer the ultimate in both recreation and relaxation, the overall concept incorporates two distinctive hotels within a holistic masterplan. The wide variety of amenities will attract a diverse market and offer families and couples as well as individuals the spaces that they yearn to enjoy, including restaurants, shopping, recreation and other lively social activities for all ages. 

“Hayat Island is RAK Properties’ latest flagship project in the market and will be one of our distinctive developments. The property is set against a beach which will make it the most sought after destination in years to come,” said Mohammed Sultan Al Qadi, Managing Director and CEO of RAK Properties.

“We are incredibly pleased to launch this latest venture at Cityscape Global. Hayat Island is inspired by the unique spirit of the emirate and this is an opportunity to showcase this luxury project to a global audience,” added Mohammed Sultan Al Qadi.

There are 2,457 apartments comprised of 1,152 one-bedroom units, 985 two-bedroom units and 320 three-bedroom units, offering modern luxury living which creates a perfect blend of history, nature and tradition. Town houses and villas complete the array of high-quality residential opportunities on the island. 

Sustainability is at the centre of the design of Hayat Island, featuring renewable materials which address the arid weather conditions in the UAE. Garden zones across the island will benefit by the linking of interconnected promenades and active landscapes, complimented throughout by the various cultural arts on offer as well as a dining promenade and adventure clubs for children. Multiple children’s activity centres provide options for family entertainment within the indoor activity options while still being able to choose among a multitude of outside spaces and venues.

Affordable and upscale housing needs are met in a fine combination of dining, retail and entertainment possibilities, promenades, walkways, boardwalks, parks, playgrounds and events spaces. In the area of retail, consumers will find the widest range of high quality shops with everything from clothing to jewellery. A 1,200-square-metre Souk mall offers the opportunity for a relaxing shopping experience among air conditioned comfort. 

Dining is never dull on Hayat Island, with a diverse range of first class restaurants, always serving the finest of fresh food. Coastline walks before or after dinner are always on offer, as well as an easy to find parking space with over 5,000 parking spaces on offer across the island. With planned 3,544 metres of coastline and a staggering 1,360 metres of beaches, the opportunity for water sports and general beach enjoyment is high. 

For visitors that are only staying a short time, the five start InterContinental hotel will include 351 luxury hotel rooms where a visitor can enjoy the highest standard of luxury. Hayat Island will also offer 200 room-serviced apartments in addition to two hotels, providing more choices to suit the tastes of all visitors.

Bringing a full range of diversity and sustainability with a beautiful Gulf setting, Hayat Island is set to become a premiere UAE location of note around the globe. The best of weather, best of food, most sustainable technologies and architecturally diverse landscapes all weigh in together to form Hayat Island.